Are you thinking of visiting Tuscany
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Discover the most evocative and hidden corners of this enchanting territory
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Get set for an adventure that's as smart as it is chic - travel the practical path to exclusivity!

The private travel service that takes you through the green Chianti countryside, the lush Tuscan hills, the stunning coastal areas, and the marvelous medieval villages, all from the comfort of a Van or a car reserved just for you.
Travel conveniently and exclusively, arriving with ease everywhere without limitations. Even into the historic centers of cities where buses and other vehicles cannot enter.

Hi, I’m Antonello Fambrini, owner of Lello from Italy Tours & Travel: #1 Tour Operator in Tuscany, specializes in providing exclusive Private Tours & Unique Activities in Tuscany’s

As Tuscans, we love and know our region perfectly, which is why we chose to specialize by building customized travel packages and private tours upon client request , customized at the customer’s request, which have Tuscany as the protagonist.

We support the activity of tour operator with car rental with driver.

This means that we don’t need to rent vans or vehicles externally to offer our tourist services but instead provide only our own fleet of cars.

This guarantees you a higher quality service with more safety and reliability during the trip since every vehicle is personally checked and controlled by us before any movement.

Having a private car fleet also offers you the opportunity to save time and money because the relationship between our travel agency and clients is direct without the need to involve any other intermediaries or external providers.

If you trust Lello from Italy for your trip in Tuscany, you have a single point of contact who takes care of every detail of the tour from the beginning.

In the morning, we come to pick you up at the meeting place of your preference and accompany you throughout the day, guiding you step by step to the most beautiful and sometimes lesser-known places in the area.

During the tour, our drivers will not just be simple chauffeurs but friendly and expert travel guides.

They will provide you with local news and privileged information, directions, and first-hand tips to let you fully appreciate the authentic food and wine excellences and the scenic and artistic beauties of the region.

In the evening, they will bring you back home, satisfied and happy, once your excursion is over.

So, you won’t have to worry about anything at all and can enjoy every single moment of your well-deserved holiday without concerns, in total relaxation

Choose from our travel proposals the Tuscan adventure that attracts you the most

You can book it right away by purchasing it easily online.

Private Day Tour in Tuscany

Our tours are not just simple sightseeing trips but engaging, original, and immersive experiences in the territory. In touch with the traditions, history, and cultural, scenic, and food and wine riches of Tuscany.

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    6 great reasons to travel with Lello

    NO large groups or crowdsTravel privately.

    Alone, as a couple, with your family or a small group of friends in total privacy.

    Without having to share your time, your space, and your comforts with strangers.


    We pick you up wherever you want.

    At the airport, train station, hotel, or the accommodation you’re staying at. Just indicate the meeting place, and we’ll take care of the rest without you having to worry about anything.

    Enjoy all the comfort of a Mercedes Van or a luxury sedan

    Travel in great comfort in our vehicles, enjoying spacious interiors and large, comfortable seats. Air conditioning, Wi-fi, a minibar, cold drinks, water, and snacks complete the onboard amenities to always offer you the highest level of comfort during all trips.

    Every car is cleaned, sanitized, checked, and verified before and after the tour to ensure you total safety and reliability in travel. All vehicles have comprehensive road insurance to protect guests against any risk.

    With us, you can go where others can't!

    If you travel with our private tours, forget about traffic snags and limitations. Our special NCC permits allow us to reach even the areas forbidden to car traffic.

    So, without having to walk long distances and get tired, you comfortably arrive by car close to the attractions you want to visit, even if they’re located in the historic centers of small and large cities.


    The drivers of Lello from Italy are not just chauffeurs but experts on the region. With them, you can chat easily as you would with old friends.

    They speak English perfectly and will be happy to answer your questions and give you all the information you want, adding some tasty insider tidbits known only to the locals.


    Booking with us means you don’t have to bear additional costs. Day trip travel agencies indeed turn to external providers to offer transport services.

    The same happens in reverse because other drivers that offer private tours don’t have a tour operator’s license, so they can’t create trips and itineraries and work for third parties.

    Lello from Italy is an authorized tour operator with an internal driver service.

    It means you deal with a single supplier without other intermediaries, which guarantees lower costs and higher quality in service.


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