5 Ways to Avoid the Overcrowded Areas in Tuscany

5 Ways to Avoid the Overcrowded Areas in Tuscany

The Ultimate guide to avoid the overcrowded areas in Tuscany: featuring an interesting cultural and artistic heritage, Tuscany stands out as an ultimate vacation spot for travelers worldwide. Its allure attracts many tourists, leading to the top tourist attractions brimming with crowds.

This can be overwhelming for some tourists. However, if you are into exploring Tuscany without the tourist hoards, we have covered you in this ultimate guide. 

Plan Your Visit in Non-touristy Season.

The best time to visit Tuscany spans from mid to late spring, i.e., April to May, and early autumn, i.e., September to October.

The weather is most favorable for traveling and exploring different locations during this span.

However, if you plan your visit during these months, be sure to get a warm welcome from tourist crowds wherever you go.

Want to skip that? Hop on below!

One of the best and simplest tips to avoid tourist crowds is to plan your visit in the non-touristy season, i.e., between November and March.

Days are shorter, and the weather is chilly and wet. So, be sure to pack winter stuff along; otherwise, you will end up shivering with the cold breezes.

Don’t Book Your Stay in the City Center and avoid the overcrowded areas of Tuscany

If you plan on staying in the super-packed touristy cities of Florence and Pisa, be sure to book your stay out of the city center.

You may prefer more residential neighborhoods or the outskirts. Not only will you find peace in those areas, but the accommodation costs will be much cheaper than in the city center.

View of the Via dei Banchi street and old medieval houses at historic center of Florence, Tuscany, Italy. Florence is a popular tourist destination of Europe.

For instance, those who plan on staying in Florence avoid cooking accommodations in the Duomo neighborhood. Most travelers choose this neighborhood for its proximity to Florence’s cultural landmarks.

This is why Duomo is always overcrowded, no matter what time of year you plan on visiting. So, the right approach would be finding accommodations in neighborhoods like Bolognese on the city’s edge. 

On the other hand, Pisa lovers will find the best non-touristy accommodations in Sant’ Antonio. Located right by the river, this amazing place is quiet, featuring plenty of lush verdure for unwinding. Another option might be Sant Martino.

Both are the best non-touristy alternatives for Santa Maria and San Francesco.

Include Hidden Gems into Your Bucket List

Tuscany‘s top attractions are undoubtedly worth visiting, but its non-touristy off-the-beaten spots are tempting. So, if you want to avoid tourist crowds, we prefer browsing for the lesser-known attractions and adding them to your bucket list. Here are some of the suggestions from our experts:

Villa Demidoff: We have an exotic villa set within lush verdure. Aside from its scenic vistas, it also boasts a 16th-century statue of Colosso dell’Appennino. All this makes it worth visiting Instagrammable destinations – a non-touristy alternative to Baboli Gardens. 

San Marco Museum: If you are an art enthusiast, you will surely love this museum, as it features well-preserved architecture, picturesque manuscripts, alluring frescos, and intricate panel painting – everything housed in a 15th-century Dominican monastery. 

Aside from these locations, you may consider shifting your itinerary to a bit off the beaten path, switching Florence and Pisa with Arezzo and Siena. Not only are these Tuscan cities non-touristy, but they also offer amazing traveling experiences.

Here, you will find everything from historic landmarks, like Basilica dell’Osservanza, to the picturesque medieval streets and iconic shops for antique shopping.

Explore Tuscany Countryside

Another important tip to consider is to explore Tuscan countryside. You may explore the Chianti region. It’s where you will find the best of Tuscan wineries. Go on a long drive with your loved one through this region, and believe you will pass a plethora of wineries at which to stop.

If we had to choose the best options, we would choose Castello Di Brolio and Castello di Querceto.

However, if you are into experiencing an adrenaline rush, put on your hiking boots and hop on the Apuan Alps, dramatic peaks, high-altitude lakes, and karst caves – these are what this scenic mountain range is all about.

Though you can head to several trails, the Monte Forato circular route remains the most picturesque. It begins at the Fornovolasco and ends at a scenic arch where you can capture alluring sunset shots. 

Wait, you are into cycling? You can have fun riding through the countryside, immersing yourself in alluring vistas, and enjoying the fresh air. Not only is this a relaxing experience, but it is also environmentally friendly.

Other experiences include enjoying a ferry ride to the island of Elba. In short, you won’t feel short of options to have fun in the countryside, too. Sometimes, the calm vibes of the countryside feel much more tempting than the hustle and bustle-filled urban areas.

Dine Where the Locals Do

They say no traveling experience is complete without indulging in the local cuisine. So, why not try out Tuscan cuisine with Tuscan locals?

This way, you won’t only save loads of money but also get the chance to interact with locals and learn about everyday life in those scenic cities – all without the tourist crowds. How tempting it is to even imagine. 

However, let’s now discuss the options we have on the table.


Owned by a professional chef, Massimo Gazzeri, and located in the Piazza Santo Spirito, this eatery is surely worth visiting. Though it opened a few years ago, it has been the fav spot for locals to dine in. 

The highlights of the eatery include the old-school vibes and traditional dishes with a modern twist. The best options here include pasta filled with shrimp and bacon in pumpkin cream sauce and roasted vegetables with burrata cheese.

Le Vigne

Featured in the cute little town of Radda in Chianti, Le Vigne is something you shouldn’t miss out on. If you have a car, you will find them yourself; otherwise, ask local market owners, as they sometimes run the shuttle. 

However, when you get there, you will be a bit amazed, as there will be a signboard but no eatery. Wait, folks, you have to pass through a sophisticated winery to reach this iconic eatery.

The best thing to try here is Bistecca alla Fiorentina. What’s most interesting is that they sell in kilograms, so you might show a picture of the food size or tell them the kgs you want.

Wrapping It Up!

Tuscany is loaded with non-touristy experiences you can indulge in. All you need is a bit of research and a pre-planned itinerary to enjoy them. So, spend some time mapping out your tour while keeping in mind our tips on how to avoid overcrowded areas in Tuscany.

Believe you will witness an entirely different side of Italy’s Tuscan region. No doubt, the charm is in exploring cities like Florence and Pisa once, but once you have spent a day there, you can switch underground to the non-touristy countryside. 

However, if you find difficulty mapping your itinerary or planning your non-touristy tour, get in touch with our tour organizers at LELLO from Italy. As we say, you can travel to the most evocative and hidden corners of this enchanting territory with us, so why not partner for a tour and make your experience worth it?

Get in touch with our team for more information regarding personalized private tours. We would love to assist you!

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