Who I am

With more than 10 joyful years of leading tours through Tuscany’s charming routes, I’m your go-to guide for unforgettable journeys.”

My name is Antonello Fambrini and I am the proprietor of Lello from Italy, a travel agency and tour operator specializing in tours and day excursions in the beautiful region of Tuscany.

On this page, I’d like to briefly tell you a bit more about myself and, more importantly, how I can help you have a memorable travel experience in Tuscany just as you wish.

Here's my story.

I was born in Lucca on June 15, 1978.

It’s the same city where my father, my grandfather, and my great-grandfather before him were born.

I come from a Tuscan family of many generations, and perhaps that’s why I feel such a deep connection to my land.

A special part of Italy, rich in monuments and artistic and cultural heritage of immeasurable value, but also endowed with enchanting and varied nature.

Long fine sandy beaches and high rocky cliffs kissed by the sea, green countryside interspersed with lush hills and stern mountains inland.

A true kaleidoscope of lights, colors, scents, and landscapes that seduces the visitor with its poignant beauty.

Yes, I know, as a Tuscan, I might seem biased, but I assure you I speak from knowledge, having crisscrossed and still traversing this territory every day, traveling nearly 100,000 km a year due to my profession.

In fact, I began working in the travel and hospitality industry in 2012, initially as a travel and holiday consultant for a well-known local company, then as a guide, driver, and organizer of tours and private excursions, collaborating with other travel agencies.

A solid 10-year experience that has allowed me, often quite by chance, to encounter many hidden gems within my region.

Small villages and fascinating medieval citadels whose existence I was almost unaware of, but also attractions and particular accommodations.

Old inns and tiny trattorias with cuisine anchored to tradition, ancient producers of wine, oil, and local cheeses, centuries-old farms and agricultural businesses, artisan shops where many artifacts are still made as in the past… and many, many other incredible realities.

Jewels scattered across the territory that every traveler should have the opportunity to know and encounter during a trip to Tuscany.

Because it is here, more than in many other places and cities, that you can breathe the genuine atmosphere and the authentic life of the inhabitants of Tuscany.

Unfortunately, many of these “wonderful treasures” remain unknown because they are located outside the classic tourist routes and are therefore little publicized by tour operators and agencies.

And this is a real shame for those who wish to come into contact with the typical realities and traditional customs of the region.

So, in 2019 I decided that I could be the one to value these beauties and make them known to visitors.

That’s when Lello from Italy, a travel agency and tour operator specializing in excursions and daily visits within Tuscany with car rental and private guide service, was born.

What can I therefore do for you if you decide to rely on my travel services to visit the region?

I can offer you my extensive professional experience as a creator, organizer, and conductor of tours and itineraries.

And put at your complete disposal the in-depth knowledge of places, attractions, and structures in the territory, along with the network of contacts and local suppliers that I have accumulated over many years of direct work in the field.

My ambition is to let you live and touch with your own hands a real and authentic life experience for a day or, if you wish, even longer, discovering the precious gems of Tuscany.

Traveling on board a vehicle exclusively reserved for you and enjoying every comfort and convenience without stress or worries, accompanied by me or one of the expert guides/drivers of Lello from Italy.

Serious and reliable professionals whom I have had the fortune to meet and select personally over the years and who, like me, share a great knowledge and deep love for this land.

We will be more than just drivers for you, rather enthusiastic and passionate travel companions who will make you explore the territory and interact with the local realities and inhabitants as if you were a true Tuscan native.

Does this idea intrigue you?



If so, all you need to do is choose from the itineraries I have constructed the one that attracts and inspires you the most.

Or contact me using the form you find here to receive more detailed information or define a personalized tour also in terms of travel duration based on your particular interests and specific desires.

Don’t hesitate a moment longer!

We await you here to welcome you with friendship and to make you discover and fall in love with all the wonders of our land.

See you soon!

Warm regards from

Antonello Fambrini