Why Lello

Hello and welcome from Lello from Italy.

So, you’re planning to travel to Italy and you’d like to visit Tuscany. If so, I commend you on your choice!

Tuscany is a wonderful land, world-renowned for its culture, art cities, breathtaking natural landscapes, refined cuisine, and exquisite gastronomy. And, of course, for the famed local wine production.

Here, you will discover many precious treasures that I’m sure will gift you moments and memories to cherish long after your journey.

Just one question for you:

How do you plan to move around the region to encounter the many hidden gems of this area?

Let’s see…

You could travel by bus or train from one place to another.

But perhaps you’re not too keen on checking arrival and departure times every day, maybe getting squeezed in a crowd, and then having to walk kilometers to reach the attractions you wish to visit.

Public transport stations are often located far from city centers.

To avoid these potential inconveniences, you might consider renting a car and exploring Tuscany on your own.

However, driving on unfamiliar roads, navigating through city traffic, and finding free parking spots to stop at isn’t that simple, even with a satellite navigator on board.

By driving, you also miss part of the journey’s charm and the chance to fully enjoy the beauty of the places you’re passing through because if you’re driving, you can’t look out the window but must pay attention to the road, right?

At this point, you might opt for a guided tour to share with other people you don’t know, booked at your hotel or a travel agency.

This would save you any trouble or discomfort but might not turn out to be as thrilling an experience as you expect and desire.

You see, hotels, agencies, and tour operators usually offer pre-packaged deals and standard itineraries because they have to cater to the tastes of all tourists.

But I’m quite sure you don’t want to settle for what everyone sees; you’re looking for a unique, exclusive, and extraordinary experience for your trip.

And so…

Why not explore Tuscany with a private day tour or even longer?

Travel aboard a van or a luxury car equipped with all the comforts: air conditioning, wi-fi, and minibar.

You can travel alone, as a couple, with family, or a small group of friends.

Without having to share your time, your space, and your comforts with strangers, but instead, having a luxury car or a Mercedes van reserved for you and an English-speaking driver/guide at your complete disposal for an exclusive adventure in total relaxation, discovering the hidden treasures of this extraordinary region.

Thanks to a special driving license, the drivers of Lello from Italy are not subject to traffic limitations or bans and can accompany you wherever you want.

Stopping even in the very heart of city centers where most of the monuments and masterpieces of Tuscan art are located.

This way, you arrive in areas where buses and other vehicles cannot enter and get dropped off right at your destination without having to walk far and exert yourself.

Thus, you optimize travel time and have more free time at your disposal to admire all the wonders you’ve chosen to visit.

For your private tour, you can choose from our most popular and appreciated destinations and proposals or completely customize the itinerary even for multiple days.

We will be happy to answer your questions and propose a travel experience tailored just for you based on your instructions, personal interests, and specific wishes.

Do not hesitate.

We await you in Tuscany to welcome you with friendship and to help you discover and fall in love with all the wonders of our region.